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About Me

 I’m am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist looking forward to collaborating with you towards your goals. Since 2014, I have provided a number of specialized therapeutic services to those dealing with challenging life experiences. I’m very pleased and excited offer Virtual Psychotherapy as it allows me to serve clients in a wider geographical range.

In times of distress, it’s hard to remember our own abilities and inner-strength that helped us get through difficulties in the past. This makes us question our self-efficacy (our belief in our ability to do something). I see therapy as happening in three stages. First stage is self-awareness of patterns of thoughts, emotions, triggers, and behaviors that are keeping us stuck. This is a very important stage. We as human beings often under-estimate the power of awareness. Many of my clients who speak to me a few years after ending therapy tell me that their ability to become aware of their triggers in the moment helps them stop old patterns of responding to distress situations. Next, we will focus on building a strong toolbox of skills to help break old patterns and create new helpful patterns of responding. Final stage of therapy focuses on learning how to maintain the new patterns of responding after finishing therapy.

My diverse background and experiences provides me with a broad lens through which I see human experience. I come from an Asian Indian background, and spent my childhood in the Pacific Island of Fiji. I moved to America at the age of 10, spending more than two-thirds of my life in Bay Area, California. I grew up celebrating both Eastern and Western values and cultures and quickly became fascinated with why humans do what they do. Before pursuing college, I asked myself one question: “If I had to do any job for the rest of my life for free and find it meaningful, which brings me joy, what would it be?” My answer was to be a part of something that would contribute to human-kind which led to my decision to become a Psychologist.

During Graduate School, I found myself fascinated by the mind and body connection and how both affects one another. This led me to the pursue a career in Health Psychology, which allowed me to help treat both the mind and body. I also helped my clients understand how what we are doing in therapy is helping change the brain. For example, how increase in self-awareness can activate the parts of our brain which helps us have better control of our emotions and how changing our behaviors can help create new neural connection. I noticed that as my clients gained more understanding of themselves, they felt more empowered and confident knowing that they are creating everlasting changes in their mind, body, and life.

Ultimately, I believe in meeting my clients where they are and walking side by side towards a happier more fulfilling life with the help of two powerful ingredients: A powerful collaborative partnership between my client and I and use of research based techniques.  

About Me: About Me


Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional: Certificate # 539423

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